Classroom Environments-Which do you prefer??

Traditional teaching & learning versus online teaching & learning are different in regards to the dynamic and structure of the environment in which they are taught. A traditional classroom technique focuses on the teacher directly teaching or lecturing to a class.  “In fact, professors may feel the quality of their instruction is directly related to the quality of their lectures,” (Bates & Watson, 2008).  Students are also given the opportunity to meet face-to-face and discuss the content within a structured environment. However, the move towards more online learning is a shift in regards to the understanding of the content.  In an online learning course or technique, it is more of a “guided discovery” (pg. 40) where the students are immersed in collaborative assignments and the professor guides the students as a facilitator.  The students are responsible for their education and acquiring the knowledge on their own.  Through various online readings, podcasts, lectures, etc. the students broaden their knowledge on the content through their engagement with the course and materials.

A hybrid or “web-enhanced” learning environment encompasses the “best of both worlds” (Crawford, C. M., Smith, R. A., & Smith, M. S, 2008) by supporting a collaborative classroom where students can interact with one another face-to-face to build on cooperative skills and also allows opportunities for students to engage in online interactive activities as well (pg.136).  A hybrid classroom supports multiple skills that the diverse learners within a classroom would need to practice by allowing students to collaboratively meet to discuss various topics and further practice those skills online using the variety of resources for students to develop a professional learning community online.

When thinking about the learning activity that I plan to integrate into my classroom and the shift in the classroom dynamic that I plan to use, it seems that a hybrid classroom is the way to go and the most beneficial to students.  Through the use of a resource called Schoology, students would have the ability to have a cooperative group discussion in class about a particular reading that was done in class and use an interactive tool like this technology resource to further extend their knowledge and engage in deeper collaborative discussions online.  As many classrooms make this transition to a more web-based learning environment, students still need to further develop their social skills in order to be able to have these online discussions successfully, which is why a hybrid classroom is “the best of both worlds,” in regards to the education world and this particular learning activity.

Do you feel that all classrooms need to make the shift to a hybrid classroom?

Tips for a Hybrid Classroom

Hybrid Classroom


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2 thoughts on “Classroom Environments-Which do you prefer??

  1. I don’t feel that *all* classrooms need to make a shift toward the strictly hybrid learning environment only. I believe that F2F learning environments can incorporate elements of hybrid and online environments, and still work just as well. Not all classes work well in an online or hybrid format. Not all subject material can be taught most efficiently in a hybrid format or online for various reasons. Not only that, teachers need to get lots of training before they begin to undertake teaching a hybrid class, and many are doing research or publishing or doing many other things in addition to preparing for the hybrid class. It may not be the best fit for many reasons. Just because society or technology is saying to incorporate more technology in the classrooms, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing to do for every class and in every situation. I would think it would need to be taken on a case by case basis and thoroughly researched and prepared before administrators just go and change every class to a hybrid format.

  2. I don’t feel that all classrooms should shift towards hybrid learning environment. I strongly recommend our young learners be taught in an environment that promotes teaching and learning as well as promote a strong bond between a teacher and the student. The classroom can do both, whereas the outline for a hybrid teaching and learning environment is not conducive to maximum learning in younger students.

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